UnderFloor Heating Services

Underfloor heating installation services available in London Essex and Kent.  Sumptuous heat from the floor acts like a large radiator releasing heat in a large area. Perfect for large areas where there’s no wall space for radiators.

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underfloor heating for house

Underfloor Heating for New Builds

Underfloor heating is cost-effective and simple to install as part of a new build project, fitting neatly into the build schedule.

A screed UFH system is a popular choice. You can also opt for a totally dry option, FastDeck

underfloor heating for house

Underfloor Heating For Renovations

Underfloor heating can also be installed as part of  renovation project.

retrofit UFH systems are simply laid on top of an existing floor, are low profile, and offer high heat outputs to meet the higher heat loss.

underfloor heating for house

Underfloor Heating for Single Rooms

Enjoy heated floors and free walls in a kitchen or bathroom with a OneZone  underfloor heating kit.

They include everything you need to install warm water or electric UFH in a single room. 

UnderFloor Heating

If you are looking to heat a room where there’s no room for radiators to be mounted on a wall, then consider an underfloor heating installation.

There are two types of underfloor heating installations:

Wet (water underfloor heating ) and Dry (electric floor heating).

We’re specialists in installing both types of underfloor heating installations and provide a team of fully trained, Gas-Safe registered underfloor heating fitters.

Underfloor water heating installations warms a building by allowing the floor to act like a large radiator. They do not need to run at high temperatures like a radiator, as heat is released across a large area and sent to the floor. Using this method, water temperature can rise to approximately 45 – 65 deg C, warming the floor to between 25 – 28 deg C.

underfloor heating

The Benefits of UnderFloor Heating:

  • Comfort! Your feet will be lovely and warm, so you can walk around barefoot all year
  • Less wastage – your floors will stay warm even if the windows are open or the room is very draughty
  • It distributes heat evenly and consistently around each room
  • It’s hidden – so it doesn’t spoil your decor or take up space with ugly, bulky radiators
  • It can be installed below stone, tile, wood or carpeted floors
  • It might enhance your home’s selling price

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  • Grays
  • Basildon
  • Rochester
  • London
  • Chelmsford
  • Dartford
  • Essex
  • Croydon
  • Sevenoaks

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