It’s always a concern when something goes wrong with your plumbing system. Whether it’s a discolouration of the water or a leaky pipe, it stops everything from working correctly for a household and they are left bereft of what to do next.

A lot of people don’t know what to look out for which means a replacement is necessary. Therefore are the five signs to replace plumbing and get in touch with us here at BPS Plumbing in Essex.

Water discolouration

You may find the water from your taps discolours if there is a problem with your plumbing. For instance, the clear running water may change to a black or brown, yellow or orange colour. It may be the case that there is a problem with the network. However, if you don’t see any change, this is a clear sign there is a problem with your system. One of the pipes in your home may have burst and this is causing an issue. The pipework in your plumbing system might have become rusty and this also can cause your water to discolour and a replacement is needed.

Low water pressure

If you find that when you are running pressure, the water has low pressure and is taking ages to come out, it could be a sign that your plumbing needs to be replaced. It is not running to its full potential and leaving you with a poor performance in the home. There can be some cases where this is easily fixed such as if the valves are not open fully and this is easily fixable. But in a majority of cases, it could be that your pump is not working properly or your pipes are leaking and you require replacement plumbing

Pipe material lifespan

You might not realise that the pipes in your home are not built to last forever. When they are fitted in your home, there is a time when they are likely to stop running effectively. The material on the pipes causes this and will lead to needing a replacement. For example, a copper pipe will only last up to 70 years. After this, you will need to have this replaced. Steel pipes are even shorter and normally only last up to 50 years.

Leaky pipes

Another sign that you need to replace your plumbing is if you have leaky pipes. There are several reasons you might notice leaks. It tends to leak after winter as they have frozen over this period. Also, they might not be leaking due to poor water pressure. Or they might have worn overtime if it was installed a while ago or even installed incorrectly. Therefore, if you have leaky pipes in your home, it’s likely you need to contact us about replacement plumbing.

Clogged and slow drains

If your drains at home are clogged up and draining slowly, this is a warning sign that there is a big issue with your plumbing system. Of course, it’s easy for drains to get clogged up with the outside getting full of leaves and branches, especially in the autumn and winter. And inside can get full of toiletries and body hair. But if the water isn’t passing through properly, it could be a sign there is a more serious issue with your plumbing and you might need a replacement.