Getting a new boiler installed doesn’t have to be a stressful process, especially when you hire a professional to take care of it for you. Here are a few processes you can expect to happen when you have a new boiler installation take place. 

Preparing for the Boiler Installation

Before any boiler installation work takes place, a gas safe engineer will be required to access your property for a thorough assessment of the current boiler situation and take a look at the space where the new boiler is to be installed. 

This assessment includes a heat survey, and an assessment of the number of rooms a boiler will need to supply. This will help to determine what size of boiler is required for your home. As a home owner, you will also be asked about your personal preferences and boiler needs. Conducting these preparatory steps before the installation will ensure your satisfaction as a paying customer. 

The Boiler Installation Procedure

Although the boiler installation process is a thorough procedure, it does not have to take long, particularly if all the pre-installation steps have taken place. The following are procedures you can expect to take place on the day of your new boiler installation. 

The Engineer Accesses Your Home

As the person needing a new boiler installed, you will need to be present at the site of installation so that the gas-safe engineer can access the property without any hassle. 

The Protective Measures

Before starting on any installation work, the engineer will cover any furniture or surrounding surfaces with dust proof sheets. This will ensure that nothing gets damaged or ruined during the new boiler installation process. 

The Old Boiler is Removed

If you are replacing an old boiler, the old boiler will be removed once all the correct protective measures have taken place. Always leave it to the gas-safe engineer to disconnect the old boiler correctly to avoid any accidents or mishaps. 

Cleaning the Central Heating System 

Before the new boiler is installed, the engineer will make sure the central heating system is clean and ready for the new boiler to be connected to it. Having a contaminated central heating system may cause faults once the new boiler is installed. Making sure it’s free from foreign materials will prevent avoidable damage. 

Installation of the New Boiler

After all the necessary prep work is done, the new boiler is ready to be installed. This part of the installation process should take less than an hour unless the engineer runs into any complications during the installation. 

The Necessary Accessories Added

Modern boilers do not require too many accessories, however there may be some extra gadgets required depending on your boiler requirements. After the boiler is installed, any additional accessories will be added. 

After the Boiler Installation

After the boiler is installed, you can expect the gas-safe engineer to run some checks which will make sure the boiler is fully functional. After the checks and tests have been completed, the engineer will ask you to sign off on the successful completion of the boiler installation. 

Make sure you ask the engineer about the warranty period. A 30-day warranty after installation is usually valid, during which time you can call back the engineer to report any faults at no additional cost.