When something goes wrong in your home and water runs out of control, it can be challenging to know the difference between a plumbing and a drainage issue. The main difference between plumbing and drainage is that the plumbing system is the water entering and going around the property. The drainage system is when the water leaves the property. In order to give you more clarity, here is your guide to the difference between plumbing and drainage.

What is a home plumbing system?

The first thing you need to know is what exactly is the home plumbing system. In a property, the plumbing system is the network of the water supply which consists of drainpipes, vent pipes, water tanks and more. These all work together to help to provide water throughout the property. The importance of a good, fully-working home plumbing system is that it ensures you have clean water in your home, ensures you don’t have leaks in the home and removes any wastewater from the system. As there is so much to the plumbing system, it can be complicated when something goes wrong and needs to be repaired.

What is drainage?

Now we have explained the plumbing in the home, it’s time to look at drainage. The main thing this system does in a property is ensuring water is removed from the home which is in the sewage system. It ensures all wastewater leaves the property through the piping and does not remain on your property. The pipes from your home in the drainage system tend to ensure a steady flow outside of the property. The water runs out constantly and will ensure the only water you get in your home in the kitchen and bathroom is clean healthy water. When the water is removed by the drainage system, it leads to the larger road sewer system. 

Common plumbing problems

Blocked toilet – One of the most common on this list, this can often be resolved by the homeowner but if the blockage is large, you might need a professional to unblock the toilet effectively.

Leaking taps – As well as potentially causing water damage, leaking taps can cause your water taps to rise. In some cases, you will have to replace the taps to fix the issue.

Pipes clogged – Another issue is when the pipes get clogged up. This sometimes requires a power flush or if it’s affecting your boiler heating system, you might have to bleed the radiators.

Common drainage problems

Clogged drains – When your drains become clogged, it can cause big problems with the removal of water from your home. From bad smells to slow-draining water, you need to unblock your drains.

Poorly maintained gutters – It’s easy for your gutters to overflow with leaves and clutter during poor weather. If you don’t maintain them, it could affect the drainage system in your home.

Burst pipes – A burst pipe can be a big issue with your drainage and needs to be fixed quickly before it gets worse.

Key takeaways

The main plumbing and drainage differences are that one helps the water to move around the property and the other ensures the poor wastewater leaves the property. By working together, these ensure your home runs properly. Always contact a professional when you have an issue with either of these as they can lead to big problems if left unresolved.