It’s absolutely essential that you keep your boiler maintained and serviced regularly. In the long run, regular servicing will save you a lot of effort, time and money as faulty boilers can cause massive problems in your home. Other boiler servicing benefits include guaranteed safety in the household, and will mitigate the risk of any unexpected breakdowns. We’ve come up with our top reasons why servicing your boiler regularly is important and highly beneficial. 

Avoid high costs

We know many people think that having to service your boiler regularly is a costly exercise. In reality, it’s much cheaper than you think. If something does go wrong with your boiler, it can cost a lot to repair or replace if the damage is significant enough. When you have regular services on your boiler, you can rest easy at night, knowing you will not be forking out for any unexpected repair costs. 

Your boiler will continue to work efficiently

There’s nothing worse than getting into a cold shower that doesn’t heat up. Keeping your boiler serviced will ensure that it keeps running smoothly and that you don’t wake up to no hot water or big puddles in the kitchen. 

Keeping up to date with boiler servicing will also save you money as it won’t use as much electricity or gas than if it were faulty. This is good for the overall energy efficiency of the household. 

Keeps you safe

If a boiler has not been serviced in a long time, there is a high risk of carbon monoxide leakages and toxic gas build-up. Toxic gas leakages in your home are incredibly dangerous for you and your family, and several deaths have been caused by exactly this. 

In extreme cases of boiler neglect, there is also a risk of explosion. Faults such as loose valves and ignition failure can result in a build-up of combustion gases, which in a high-temperature vessel like a boiler, can result in an explosion. Explosions can be devastating to your safety and your home. You can avoid disasters such as this through regular servicing. 

Prolongs the lifespan of your boiler

When you have your boiler serviced on a regular basis, it lasts a lot longer and you will only have to replace it every 10 to 15 years. Having a working boiler is essential to the running of your home and also to ensure the safety of your family. 

Avoid nasty surprises

The worst time of year for your boiler to fail is in the middle of winter. If your house is prone to pipes freezing during cold snatches, and your boiler breaks, it may mean you won’t have running water in the house until it is fixed. Even if you have running water, no one likes filling a bath with water from the kettle. 

Regular servicing will give you peace of mind that your boiler will be fully functional the whole year round, and you’ll avoid any unexpected mishaps. Boiler faults are highly inconvenient and potentially dangerous and must be avoided at all costs. 

It’s legally required for landlords

As a landlord, you are responsible for a property occupied by another party under a lease agreement. If you own a property that you’re letting out, it’s a legal requirement for you to have the boiler at the property serviced every 12 months. 

However, if the tenant who is occupying the property reports a boiler fault, landlords have to get an emergency service to attend to the issue within 24 hours. If the boiler is up to date with its servicing, it is unlikely you’ll have to pay for an expensive emergency repair and you won’t have to impose on your tenant. 

How BPS can help

BPS’ mission is to ensure we respond to emergencies in a timely manner and provide expert assistance to keep your boiler up to standard. We understand how boiler malfunction can impact your home and your life, so we aim to get you back up and running as soon as we can.

BPS has a qualified and dedicated team of professionals who will happily assist in keeping your boiler’s servicing up to date. If you think it’s time to get your boiler serviced, simply contact the friendly team to book your boiler service.